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What is CORE MAP®?

The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)® is an effective, reliable, valid, and in-depth personality assessment tool designed to measure the multiple aspects of self perception and personality development. CORE MAP® measures and evaluates natural tendencies, preferred functioning modes, personal effectiveness traits, strengths, weaknesses, reactionary styles, relating styles, tolerance levels and more. No other instrument provides a fuller, more complete personal profile. CORE MAP® is divided into three parts. SECTION ONE asks you to look inside yourself and, using one word descriptions, define how you see yourself. SECTION TWO asks you to look outside yourself at the way you interact with and interpret the world around you. SECTION THREE asks you to evaluate the degree to which you utilize each of the trait sets available to you. From these three evaluations you will gain a great deal of very useful information that can help you plan and direct your life to achieve optimal results.

With CORE MAP® you will discover:
  • Your natural inclinations and preferred tendencies
  • Ways to best tailor your lifestyle to your natural tendencies
  • How early conditioning may have altered your natural personality
  • Reactionary styles and persistence levels
  • Motivators and de-motivators
  • Occupations that compliment your style and how to succeed in other arenas
  • What kind of work, environment & management style you function best within
  • How to best communicate and relate to others (by type)
  • How others are likely to see and relate to you
  • Possible limitations and how to overcome them or compensate for them
  • Natural strengths you can draw from to lead a happy, productive lifestyle
  • Specific steps for achieving your highest potential

How is CORE MAP® Different?

CORE MAP® provides an in-depth look at several aspects of your personality, and unlike any other measuring instrument, it combines those aspects to provide a truly multidimensional profile. CORE MAP® evaluates your nature, then reveals how nurturing and socialization may have altered your natural personality, for better or worse. It also measures reactionary styles and personal effectiveness to give you additional tools for greater successes in business, in relationships of all kinds, and in your personal life.

CORE MAP® goes beyond self-awareness by adding dimensions that lead to self-understanding and personal empowerment, through which individuals can take greater control of their lives and can create more positive outcomes in day to day interactions with people.

By measuring your personal traits from several angles, CORE MAP® enables you to become aware of conduct that may not be serving you well, providing you the opportunity to alter or eliminate negative behaviors. You may also become aware of positive attributes and personal resources of which you were previously unaware. Awareness of the traits that are natural to your particular temperament can serve as a powerful guide, enabling you to develop yourself in positive, purposeful directions.

How Can I Apply CORE MAP®?

There is no greater asset to an individual than personal power, which develops through the avenues of self-awareness and understanding, and there is no finer instrument for self-discovery and its resultant personal empowerment than the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile®. CORE MAP® measures and evaluates natural inclinations, preferred functioning modes, and personal effectiveness traits such as strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, relating styles, reactionary styles, tolerance, and achievement drive. No other instrument gives a fuller, more complete profile.

One of the most valuable resources any organization has is its people. The more directed and self-aware employees are, the better they function, both individually and in teams.

CORE MAP® enables individuals to:

  • Discover and capitalize on their strengths
  • Diminish their weaknesses
  • Appreciate and value the differences that exist among coworkers
  • Gain the insights needed to achieve peak performance

CORE MAP® enables managers to:

  • Gain valuable insights about each of their staff members
  • Recognize what motivates and discourages each employee
  • Communicate more effectively with employees
  • Adjust their management style to get the best results from every employee

All relationships, whether personal or business related, require an understanding of self and others to be healthy and effective. The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® can provide individuals with many of the insights so necessary to the development of great relationships.

Why use a Personality Inventory like CORE?

Everyone wants to realize their full potential, to utilize their strengths and diminish weaknesses, to feel energized and motivated, to feel comfortable with who they really are. But, how do we accomplish that when so many outside agents tell us we should be different, better, or more?

Personal assessment tools are used to determine a person's basic personality traits. They are used by individuals as a source of personal awareness and growth, by coaches and counselors to discover more about their clients, and by businesses to assist in hiring, placement, and training.

Most profiles simply report back who you think you are or who you have been nurtured to be. Such self-definition can lead to inaccurate assessments. Sadly, many people trust the erroneous data they receive and make important decisions based on the findings. They walk a path that conflicts with their true nature, never understanding why they don't feel comfortable with where they are going. Only CORE MAP® looks at multiple aspects of the personality, indicates where any incongruences may exist, and reveals possible conditioning and masking.

How does PEP differ from CORE MAP®?

The Personal Effectiveness Profile (PEP)™ is designed to provide a quick look at your current self perception and to determine how you are functioning on an average day and under stress. It looks at your current level of development, reactionary patterns, and coping style.

PEP™ indicates underdeveloped traits and possible conditioning, but since it is not fully multidimensional, like CORE MAP®, it cannot tell you where any incongruence actually exists.

It is an excellent tool for individuals who are functioning true to nature, but are looking for ways to improve their outcomes and for companies who are looking for a quick and easy tool to assist them in better understanding their employees.

PEP™ is only available through certified CORE Facilitators.

Why is CORE MAP® a facilitated profile?

CORE MAP® was designed as a facilitated profile because of its many dimensions. Other profiles on the market look at only one aspect of an individual and then produce a personality overview based on the answers given. How accurate the assessment is, depends entirely upon how well the individual knows him or herself.

CORE MAP® measures both internal perception (temperaments) and external functioning (preferences), then compares these to see if they match. When incongruences exist, the causes can be so wide and varied that only a trained facilitator can effectively interpret the scores and guide individuals toward an accurate result.

Even when the profiles are congruent, facilitators can provide assistance in several areas, including life and career planning, goal setting, and personal growth.

How do you become a CORE Facilitator?

Facilitators are carefully selected, trained and licensed to administer CORE MAP®. Facilitators may be trained at different levels to meet their professional needs. CORE MAP® is an exceptional instrument that compliments any seminar or workshop. It is like "a flashlight in the dark" for counselors, consultants, coaches, and anyone else in the business of helping people reach their highest potential. For more details click here.

How does CORE compare to other profiles?


CORE MAP is unlike any other profile because it measures so many aspects of your personality and then compares them for congruency. Other profiles measure individual aspects of your personality, but they can not tell you if the way you reported is an accurate reflection of your TRUE self or if your responses have been influenced by negative conditioning.

The graph below compares CORE MAP with three other popular profiles on the market. Each of these profiles are good tools when used to measure CURRENT traits, but only CORE MAP can reveal whether or not the traits being measured are natural or conditioned.

There are many assessments
on the market, see how
CORE compares:

Measures current behaviors or functions


Adds to self understanding


Defines positive and negative (+/-) Tendencies


Measures the degree of +/- functioning & defines positive, negative & midzone characteristics separately

Assesses how an individual might cope under stress X    
Measures specific coping patterns and development
levels for all possible traits
Defines specific attitudes and functions   X  

Truly multidimensional - Compares natural tendencies self-perception, current functioning, reactionary and relating styles, coping patterns, tolerance levels and personal effectiveness for a more complete picture

Can indicate when the possibility of negative conditioning exists or if current functioning is contrary to nature      
Results are easy to remember and terminology becomes quickly conversational      
Virtually impossible to skew (has self-checking capability)      
Facilitated by certified professionals trained to discover incongruence and guide clients to true self-awareness      

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