The COREAdvantage

How do you know that CORE is reliable, accurate, and valid?

CORE combines tried and true methods, some dating back as far as 500 years B.C., with current technological advances, such as brain research.

In profiling, an instrument is considered reliable when it produces the same or similar results in a second, third or fourth profile administered to the same person. Test/re-test scores on CORE instruments are highly stable once an individual is congruent. Congruent people demonstrate high levels of self-awareness and report high levels of self-satisfaction. The reliability rating on CORE MAP is 97.6%.

Accurate is defined in Webster's New World Dictionary as "adhering closely to a standard". The standard for personality profiling has been established, and accepted, for centuries. While new processes have been developed to make results even more accurate, the basic premise that was discovered 500 years B.C. is still used today. CORE assessments have been tested against the longest standing instruments as well as field-tested in today's complex arena. CORE has proven to be highly accurate by every standard.

Valid is defined as "well-grounded on principles or evidence". Numerous studies have been conducted on the validity of personality profiling. The basis on which all personality profiles exist has proven remarkably valid through the years. Single dimensional profiles are valid in principle, but evidence suggests that more than 54% of the population is not self-aware enough to profile accurately.

When measuring the accuracy and validity of a personality profile, research must rely on the reports of the individuals taking it. Without any measure of comparison, single dimensional profiles may be reported as accurate because the individual taking it doesn't know to report differently. Results of a single dimensional profile can only be truly valid when the individual taking the profile has a high enough degree of self-knowledge to answer according to their true nature.

Since to date there is no way to plug into the human brain and check individual answers to compare nature and nurtured responses, profiles should be checked by several measures. CORE provides multiple measures to ensure the highest level of accuracy and validity. Unlike other profiles that leave you with nothing but a report of your self-perception (which may or may not be accurate), the CORE profile can go the distance. Certified CORE Facilitators are trained to find the causes for any incongruence that appears and to guide the individual on a path to self-awareness and personal empowerment.

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