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How the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile Originated

In 1984, Sherry Buffington, Ph.D. and her daughter, Gina Morgan, a certified trainer and grief counselor, formed the training/consulting firm, Peak Potentials and began presenting workshops. Sherry had spent ten years studying personality, human motivation and communications, so many of the programs this mother-daughter team developed revolved around how personalities act and interact, both individually and in the workplace, how people communicate verbally and non-verbally, and what motivates people to excel.

As a result of the focus on human behaviors and personality, many of the programs included a personality assessment. At that time the team used one of the many single dimensional profiles on the market, and noticed that far too often the way an individual profiled did not match the messages they were sending non-verbally. Since experts on nonverbal communications all agree that the average person is unable to lie non-verbally, Sherry and Gina began to question those who profiled differently than they presented themselves. In every instance these individuals would either report that they weren't sure the results on the profile were correct or that they felt it did fit them, but didn't like being who they were. So began the journey to a new dimension in personality profiling. This is the story as they tell it:

Nature is such that we generally love (or at least accept without questioning) what we actually own. We have never seen an exception. So when people we had profiled reported that, although they agreed with the profile results, they weren't happy with them, we began the search for a different profile that might produce more consistently accurate results. We looked at many and began to use two, which measured different aspects of an individual in conjunction with one another. One was derived from the work of Hippocrates, the other from Carl Jung.

Over time certain patterns began to emerge and we began to understand why those who were unhappy with their lives often profiled the way they did. We also discovered that the results of single dimensional profiles, when given to these individuals, validated the conditioned self, and not the true self.

When the results of a personality profile gives only a picture of your conditioned self, and that self is not the self you were born to be or are joyous in being, the result simply validates what you currently believe about yourself; even if that belief is erroneous and harmful.

Unable to find a truly complete and accurate profiling system
, we conducted extensive research over the next ten years and developed the first truly multidimensional personality profile on the market today.

The years of research had produced some astounding revelations. Incredibly, we discovered that more than half of the population has been conditioned (usually as children) to such an extent that they are not aware enough of their natural attributes to profile accurately on a single dimensional profile!

Only the CORE system provided methods for helping these individuals
to move past limiting conditioning and claim their natural and authentic selves. In every case, the individual became happier, more content and more effective overall.

People who had experienced the power of the CORE profile
regularly told us that it had literally changed their lives. We realized what a remarkable and completely unique system CORE was and we knew it needed to be shared with the world.

In the family tradition, Ron Reiserer (Sherry's son/Gina's brother) joined the team. Having assisted with much of the research and realizing the power and uniqueness of the CORE instrument, he suggested that we apply for a patent. The patent was granted in June 2000 and the profile of the new millennium was introduced to the world online!

CORE Systems International continues its research and focuses on training and certifying facilitators to administer CORE products and workshops. Our team now includes Gina's husband, Ron, who is our technical support VP, their son, Bryan who is the company videographer and youngest person to become a certified CORE Facilitator as well as an entire network of highly trained CORE Facilitators around the globe.


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