The COREAdvantage

The value of a facilitated profile
over run-of-the-mill self-scoring profiles is immeasurable. How can you place a value on living an authentic, joyous, contented life. What is the worth of truly loving being who you are; of knowing exactly where you are going and why; of discovering your own unique path and walking it every day, knowing that it is leading you to happiness, success and personal contentment?

If other personality profiles have failed to lead you to the above described results, you can bet money that you need CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)®. It is likely that you have been conditioned into a box that is forcing you to live a lie; to identify with a "self" that is not your true self. CORE MAP® is the only personality profiling instrument available anywhere that can help you get out of that box and discover your authentic self . . . the self you were born to be.

After you take the CORE profile, your scores are sent to a trained facilitator. Because the profile is in-depth and quite complex, it needs to be evaluated by someone trained to explain your results to you fully and completely. The facilitator will review your results in complete confidence and offer suggestions for getting the most from your personality.

Your CORE Facilitator is trained to guide you through the maze of conditioning, socialization and other personality detours and help you discover your true nature...your authentic self. Once you know what attributes nature gave you and how to best use them, your effectiveness in life, in work and in relationships will increase rapidly and easily. You will begin to work with, rather than against your nature, and you will love the direction in which your life begins to move.

Ordinary un-facilitated profiles can cost hundreds of dollars and often validate the conditioned box an individual has been living in, offering no solution for change. Many of our clients tell us the CORE profile has saved them from many years of counseling and thousands of dollars in counseling fees - see what people are saying.

CORE MAP is truly an investment, not a cost. Cost implies loss or sacrifice. An investment continues to give back and actually results in a gain over time. Your investment will depend on the level of coaching, counseling, or training you are seeking. And, once you’ve experienced CORE MAP®, you’ll agree that it’s worth many times over what you paid for it.

Our CORE Facilitators are highly trained professionals. Their expertise ranges from personal coaching to career guidance to corporate training to psychotherapy and beyond. If you are already working with a CORE Facilitator they will provide you with a fee schedule and the specifics of the services they provide. If you are not working with a CORE Facilitator one can be assigned to you. Click here to request a facilitator.

If you have taken other personality profiles before and still feel lost or stuck in a place that feels uncomfortable or is unproductive, you truly need to experience the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile. No other profile can provide the depth, clarity and direction you will gain from CORE MAP®.

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