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The offical personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as seen on Making The Teem

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders America's Sweethearts

CORE MAP is the official personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

CORE co-developer Gina Morgan serves as the Personal and Team Development coach for the DCC and uses CORE MAP to provide deep personal insight, mentor team leaders, and foster effective team dynamics. CORE is also used to assist with hiring and development for the DCC Staff.

2019 marks the first year that CORE will be featured on CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team Season 14.

On episode 4 (8/23/19), Training Camp candidates take the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile.

On episode 5 (8/30/19), Coach Gina consults with DCC Director Kelli Finglass and head choreographer Judy Trammell to provide insight into the personalities of the training camp candidates and how to create the best team dynamics.  Later in the episode, Coach Gina helps announce the new training camp teams.

On episode 12 (10/18/19), Coach Gina meets with each of the four teams to share insights into the CORE Types of each individual and the dynamics that drive each group.  Discussions turn personal as the remaining training camp candidates talk about how the different personalities cope with the stress of final cuts and the excitement of being down to the wire for Making the Team!

For deeper insight the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile measures your personality from several angles to identify where conditioning may exist.  When coupled with a coaching session, you can tap into your highest potential just like the extraordinary women who make up the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!