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The offical personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as seen on Making The Teem
CORE is different…very different. In fact, most people who take CORE say they get so much more than they ever expected. This is not an assessment that you simply take and get a stock report with some “gee whiz that was interesting” information. CORE gets to the root of what has been holding you back and preventing you from achieving the outcomes you are after both personally and professionally.

CORE takes a "whole brain" approach and recognizes that we have the ability to be or do anything we choose.
It is not whether we can do it, but how much energy or effort it takes to maintain what we are doing. People who focus upon and develop that which naturally motivates and energizes them quickly and almost effortlessly become highly effective and satisfied in every area of life.

CORE will not place you in a box!
CORE is designed to get beneath surface behaviors and misperceptions that have grown out of conditioning to discover the whole person. It is an integrated system that measures behaviors across the entire spectrum and defines how each of the behaviors has developed and is currently being used.

CORE assessments are designed to provide deep, broad, highly accurate analyses
so that natural traits and abilities can be discovered and best utilized. This translates to more optimal results in every area of life…personal and professional.

CORE doesn’t stop with observable traits or momentary preferences that you are already aware of. It goes far beyond current levels of awareness, past old conditioning and goes all the way to your core truth. At your core is the ideal self you came into the world to be. The self that, if properly developed, is perfectly suited to deliver the exact results you want and need for optimal outcomes and a fulfilled life.

Because CORE looks deeply enough to see development levels, reactionary patterns and emotional intelligence, you get a very in-depth and accurate picture, not just of who you really are, but also of what you have developed and have available to be developed so you can purposefully select areas you want to improve.

People develop far faster when they focus on optimizing their natural strengths and abilities than when they try to eliminate problematical traits. But before optimal outcomes can be realized, natural strengths and abilities must be recognized and developed, and that’s where CORE shines.

CORE assessments don’t just measure current self-perceptions, preferences and/or observable traits as do most assessments. Surface measures cannot provide analyses of the factors most critical to success – development of individual traits, emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, coping abilities, motivators, drivers, energizers, areas of natural strength and resistance.

CORE analyzes and reports on each of these measures with 94% accuracy which is unprecedented in the profiling community…but the difference does not stop there.

CORE is supported by a network of certified CORE Facilitators who can take you to the next level. Our facilitators are highly trained to see beyond the obvious…to decipher signs of conditioning and ask significant questions that lead to greater awareness and understanding. They provide specific feedback for developing each area of your personality so you can use all of the tools available to you without resistance and without expending great amounts of energy to do so. They provide a means for tracking developmental progress so you can see exactly where you have developed and where you might still be off target.

CORE literally transforms organizations, improves relationships of all kinds, and profoundly changes lives!
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