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The offical personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as seen on Making The Teem
Everyone wants to realize their full potential, to utilize their strengths and diminish weaknesses, to feel energized and motivated, to feel comfortable with who they really are. But, how do we accomplish that when so many outside agents tell us we should be different, better, or more?

Personal assessment tools are used to determine a person's basic personality traits. They are used by individuals as a source of personal awareness and growth, by coaches and counselors to discover more about their clients, and by businesses to assist in hiring, placement, and training.

Most profiles simply report back who you think you are or who you have been nurtured to be. Such self-definition can lead to inaccurate assessments. Sadly, many people trust the erroneous data they receive and make important decisions based on the findings. They walk a path that conflicts with their true nature, never understanding why they don't feel comfortable with where they are going. Only CORE MAPĀ® looks at multiple aspects of the personality, indicates where any incongruences may exist, and reveals possible conditioning and masking.