The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP) is an amazing tool; a catalyst for self-discovery that can help you guide your clients through the maze of conditioning, socialization, and other personality detours and lead them to their true, authentic self. From that place of authenticity clients will gain new clarity, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of happiness, contentment and direction.

CORE MAP literally provides a map which you can use to get deep beneath the surface where the real issues lie in just one session. Imagine the confidence that a client will have in you as a coach when you can immediately connect at a deep level...when you can clearly convey that you understand their challenges and can provide a clear path for transformation.

Case Study

A 35 year old female who grew up in an abusive home had shut down her natural style to survive her environment - after CORE facilitation she blossomed into a confident, energetic woman within weeks.

"My whole life has changed since experiencing CORE with my personal coach. I now understand why I had been so uncomfortable with who I was for most of my life...that person was who I had become, but it was not the real me! I have taken many assessments over the years, but none compared to CORE. I discovered more in 2 hours with my coach than I had in 5 years of therapy!" View Case Study Details


P. Windland, Dallas, TX
"You should charge more! The relief that has come from just 4 hours of CORE coaching after spending 20 years carrying a lifetime of baggage around is immeasurable. Thank you! Thank you!!"

J. Arenburg, New York, NY
"I always felt that something was missing. I was really good at my job, but had no joy or passion around what I did. My coach introduced me to CORE and my whole life has transformed as a result. I still work in the same company, but my focus has shifted. I am exploring outside interests to really feed my soul and I am loving every minute of it! I can not recommend CORE truly changed my life!"

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K. Stoffel, Denver, CO
"I have heard people talk about being "transformed" but never really understood what that meant until now. CORE MAP and your training program is causing me to re-think my whole life. Re-think my understanding of myself, my business, my relationship with my kids and my relationship with everyone I come in contact with for the rest of my life. I can't wait to start transforming other people's lives using CORE MAP."

D. Wright, Dallas, TX
"I am a corporate coach/trainer and while CORE is my profile of choice, I sometimes have to use other assessments at the request of clients . The training I received for CORE has made me a better facilitator of these instruments as well. I highly recommend this training to all coaches."

A. Akashi, Columbus, Ohio
"I am a psychotherapist and have participated in a great deal of training. None has been more satisfying than the training I received for CORE. If I never used a single assessment, I would still count it among the best experiences in my life. I am blown away by this tool!"

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