CORE Facilitator Application

Because CORE MAP is such a powerful and potentially life-changing tool, we carefully
select those who will become a part of the CORE team.

If you are interested in becoming a CORE Facilitator, please complete the following
information and submit it for review. You are under no obligation to complete the training,
this is simply the first step in the selection process. A CORE representative will contact
you regarding the next step.

Your Name:
Company Name:
City State/Provence:
Country: ZIP Code:
Work Phone: Home Phone:
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Email Address:
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Type or select your answers to each request:
What is your education/experience/background?

Describe the type of business you are in and, if self-employed,
indicate how long you have been in business.

How did you hear about CORE?

Have you taken CORE MAP?

If YES, who was your facilitator?

Are you currently using an assessment in your business?

If YES, which one(s)?

What goal do you hope to achieve through the use of CORE?

Facilitator training is held in various locations throughout the year.
Would you be willing to travel to participate in a training session??



Facilitators are trained to various levels depending on their intended use
of the instruments. Use your answers below to determine the minimum
level of training you will need.

How would you like to use the CORE Profile? (check all that apply)
As a Hiring/Placement Tool

  1. If you will be using the instrument for the sole purpose of hiring and/or placement,
    and do not wish to coach or counsel employees once they are hired, you may choose
    to train only to Administrator Level. This level is available only through volume
    purchase of CORE clicks.>
  2. If you wish to coach or counsel employees and new hires, a minimum of Facilitator
    Level is required.

As a Therapy/Counseling/Consulting/Coaching Tool

You will need to complete a minimum of Facilitator Level training. We also recommend
Coach/Consultant training to build or enhance your coaching practice. You may also
wish to explore the Master Track.

Within Workshops/Training or Group Presentations

  1. If you wish to administer CORE in a group setting, such as workshops and seminars, but
    do NOT want to utilize CORE proprietary materials, you will need to complete a minimum
    of Facilitator Level training.
  2. If you wish to administer CORE in a group setting using CORE proprietary materials, you
    will need to complete a minimum of Facilitator Level training and attain CORE Presenter license.
  3. If you wish to provide in-depth counseling or coaching to clients before or after training sessions,
    we also recommend Consultant/Coach training.

Other comments or questions?

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