(Available ONLY through Certified CORE Facilitators)

The CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile (PEP)™ incorporates two aspects of CORE MAP®, a simplified version of Part 1 and all of Part 3. It is an excellent tool for hiring, benchmarking, and tracking personal growth and development. It measures how effectively an individual is using the entire spectrum of personality traits available to them, describes and predicts current coping patterns, measures emotional intelligence (EQ) and provides specific information to help individuals move in the direction of greater personal effectiveness and success.

The CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile (PEP)™ goes far beyond ordinary profiles, which look at just one dimension of personality, often focusing only on your dominant personality style. To have the tools you need to succeed in life, at work and in relationships, you need a clear and accurate picture of your entire personality makeup as well as a clear understanding of how you are using (or failing to use) every ounce of your potential.

CORE PEP gives you a clear and accurate picture of how you are currently functioning and shows the current development level for each aspect of your personality. You will discover the degree to which you are currently using your dominant, secondary, backup and dormant trait sets and learn if you are functioning in positive, beneficial ways or in negative, ineffective or harmful ways.

Negative and ineffective behaviors are often a result of negative conditioning, which has caused the individual to shut down positive natural traits and adopt, for survival purposes, traits that are both uncomfortable and difficult to maintain. When negative conditioning occurs early in childhood (as it most often does) natural traits are often shut down and a false personality is adopted in order to cope with external requirements or expectations. These "personality masks" are rarely effective in adulthood.

Core PEP™ also charts your reactionary patterns and illustrates how individuals react under various levels of stress. Almost everyone uses the same coping patterns over and over again, and if the ones you are currently using aren't effective (that is, helping you to get what you want out of life), learning how to change these patterns can literally change your life. Learning better ways to cope with stress and react to people and situations can give you the tools you need to control your outcomes more effectively, resulting in greater and more frequent successes.

Choose CORE PEP™ for an accurate, reliable, quick snap-shot of your overall personality.

Important Note: While CORE PEP™ offers far more than other profiles and can give you worlds of information, it cannot help you to discover the specific causes of masking or assist you in eliminating a false identity. If you have tried many profiles in the past and still feel lost, undirected or stuck, we highly recommend that you consider taking the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP). CORE MAP™ includes all the elements of CORE PEP and much, much more. CORE MAP is so unique, so complete and in-depth, that it must be facilitated by a trained, certified facilitator. CORE MAP costs a little more but you will love the depth of information you receive and the ability your CORE MAP facilitator has to help you move past the old conditioning and claim all the potential you were born with.