CORE MAP is a truly multidimensional profile that measures every aspect of your personality to help you discover your true nature, eliminate negative conditioning, and develop your full potential. Your profile will be evaluated by a trained facilitator who will create a custom report guaranteed to put you on the path to your authentic self. CORE MAP is the most in-depth, accurate and life-changing personality profile available anywhere.

The keys to your happiness, contentment and genuine success can only be found along one path... your true, authentic,uniquely you, path. If you haven't yet found your own authenticity; if you are still searching; if life still feels like you are constantly swimming upstream; if your days are not filled with real happiness and contentment; if you have not yet found the work you love or formed the relationships you truly enjoy, you need CORE MAP.

CORE MAP can help you uncover any negative conditioning that may be holding you back and preventing you from becoming all you were intended by nature to be. Other personality profiles may accurately describe your personal traits as they are right now in your current environment, but no other profile indicates whether the traits you identify with now are the traits that nature intended for you. No other profile can show you how and where conditioning that occurred in childhood has altered your natural traits and prevented you from realizing your full potential. No other profile can show you how, where and when the events of today are pulling you off track, causing you to be less effective and more unhappy. CORE MAP can do all of this and more.

Using a multidimensional approach that clearly points out natural traits as well as conditioned responses, a trained facilitator can guide you through the maze of confusion caused by conditioning that is contrary to your nature, and lead you in a clear, direct manner to your own unique set of traits. From there, you will quickly gain the strengths and attributes that will guide you to your own place of happiness, contentment and success. Instead of struggling for years trying to find your place in this world, you will walk away with a clear road map and specific instructions for reaching your own unique path.

Experience the CORE MAP advantage and begin your journey in the direction of your highest potential! It's no secret that people who are happy and successful are doing the work they love and at which they are exceptionally good. Once you know what your natural attributes are (really are) and also what kinds of things are foreign to your nature, you too can move purposefully toward happiness and success. Everyone, without exception, enjoys and is comfortable with their natural attributes. Your natural traits are easy to develop once they are found and claimed because nature helps you every step of the way.

Discover the CORE MAP Difference

  CORE MAP looks at multiple dimensions of self for a more complete and accurate profile.
  CORE MAP assesses your personality type (temperament) and measures internal representations of self (how you see yourself). It looks at Natural Inclinations and provides a clearer understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and tendencies, and facilitates development of effective life-style, relationships, personal goals, work goals and career choices.
  CORE MAP assesses preferences and measures external representations of self (how you relate to others, see the world and process information). It looks at Current Functioning Modes and provides insights into thinking and processing styles, and how they may enhance or hinder natural inclinations.
  CORE MAP compares preferences to temperament traits to determine how well internal and external factors (nature and nurture) are integrated, and whether natural capabilities are being best utilized. This comparison can also indicate areas of masking, repression or purposeful alteration of natural tendencies.
  CORE MAP assesses Personal Effectiveness Traits™ and predicts how an individual is likely to act or react with different stimuli and in varying situations. It measures development level of all trait sets, the intensity of positive and negative traits, reactionary patterns, coping styles, emotional maturity, and much more.
  A certified CORE Facilitator will guide you through the evaluation process and help you understand every dimension of your profile. Your facilitator will help you uncover any signs of negative conditioning and provide you with tools to make the most of your natural style, building on strengths and diminishing limitations.
  As you begin to understand yourself more fully, you will discover that you also understand other people and their relating styles more fully. Better understanding can help improve all your relationships, both personal and professional.

CORE MAP is so Unique it must be Experienced!

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