An Integrated Approach
What distinguishes CORE assessments from all the others is that CORE assessments are integrated systems that measure multiple aspects of an individual, get past misperceptions and misreporting and uncover the individual’s true nature. CORE takes a positive whole person/whole brain approach that refuses to box people in or settle for surface reporting that presents only a tiny piece of the picture.

A More Complete Picture

CORE gives you a more complete picture. Natural strengths and abilities, emotional intelligence, coping patterns, overall development of all available traits, the effects of conditioning, motivators, energizers, drivers, energy drainers, and areas of resistance are just a few of the many aspects revealed. CORE gives you the tools to gain the depth of awareness necessary for making the most of your natural style and developing to your highest potential.

Greater Depth, Breadth and Accuracy

You will love the depth and breadth of CORE assessment systems. You get more than just insights. You get powerful tools for rapid positive change. Whether your goal is to be a high functioning, highly effective individual with specific tools to move you more rapidly toward personal success or to build a highly effective organization filled with top performers, CORE systems get the job done.

Choose a path
(personal or professional) to explore and learn more about what CORE systems can do to help you get exactly where you want to go.

Consider the difference between

A prop plane and a jet;


That’s the difference between ordinary assessments and CORE.