Nature vs. Nurture has long been a subject of great debate. It is generally accepted that both factors have a definite influence, but which is the primary factor? There is a valid argument for several schools of thought.

The theory that has demonstrated the greatest validity in our research is that everyone is born with a specific set of traits (their nature). Environmental influences (nurture) can then mold or alter nature. Individuals who are raised in a positive environment, one that encourages their individuality, grow up to be confident, self assured adults who are comfortable with who they are. Those raised in environments that expect them to be different than they are, or require them to continually self-adjust in order to adapt to their circumstances, may grow up to be insecure, confused or even hostile adults who don't feel comfortable with the person they have become.

Negative conditioning takes many forms. Societies have established "gender roles" that indicate what is "proper" behavior for males and females. School systems reward certain behaviors inherent to some personality types and discipline or even medicate for behaviors natural to other types. Parents and other significant authority figures may disapprove of certain behaviors and require children to modify their natural personality in order to "behave properly". Even spouses may have expectations that cause their adult partners to abandon their nature in an effort to "get along". This is equally true in the workplace where "getting along" may mean the difference between keeping or losing a job. All of these factors, and more, can lead to incongruent or opposing profiles.

When an individual tries to move away from nurture and toward nature, an inner pulling often takes place. As the individual moves out of the comfort zone they have created within their nurtured state, the first thing they hit is the negative or mid-zone traits of their nature. This is often very uncomfortable and even downright scary at times.

CORE Facilitators can help you make that transition easier. The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile indicates areas of negative conditioning and CORE Facilitators are trained to recognize conditioning that is not currently serving you well. They can assist you in moving past limitations and toward your true nature.